RUSAGRO Group is one of the largest Russian vertically integrated agricultural holding companies. It is currently a leader in pork, sugar, crop, oil and fats markets. Cutting edge technology is integrated across the Company, both in terms of equipment and management practices. At present the Company sells its products in 36 countries of the world. The fat and oil business of RUSAGRO is represented by production and sale of consumer products and products for food industry (mayonnaises, margarines, spreads, mustard, ketchup, bottled vegetable and soy oil, high-oleic vegetable oil, toilet soap and laundry soap fats and margarines for confectionery and bakery industries, milk fat replacers for the dairy industry, oils and frying fats). High quality of products is confirmed by ISO international certification. The products are GMO-free and subjected to Natural Control quality control system.
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27, Titova Str., Ekaterinburg, 620085, Russia
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