OSQ is a Russia owned and operated trademark part of the OSQ Group. We provide a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions which are 100% locally designed and developed in total compliance with the latest industry regulations and standards.
Innovation is at the core of our business. OSQ packaging is designed by our in-house RnD team and is made completely from eco-friendly paperboard resources combined with a special window covered by a unique biodegradable film, surpassing Chinese and European analogs.
For over 10 years we design and produce premium consumer packaging. More than 6000 caterers, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants in 60+ countries use our cardboard food containers for the convenience of their customers and guests.
Our packaging became extremely popular because it makes food look stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. Along with upscale look, exceptional quality and environmental friendliness we offer low trade prices and convenient delivery with minimal turnarounds.
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