The makers of traditional Russian kvass and other natural beverages: beer, light ready-to-drink cocktails, juices, wines, lemonades, mineral water and hard liquor.
No. 1 Russian kvass producer and the only major kvass maker to rely on traditional kvass brewing technology.
We ship our products to 30+ countries, including the US, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, and others.
The company operates 10 plants, factories and farms, including breweries and soft-drink bottlers, a malting plant, a winery, and vineyards and farms.
Combined annual capacity of 285 million DAL. We produce beverages in 10 categories under more than 30 brands.
+7 (985) 724-31-05
+7 (985) 226-59-22
44, Ryabinovaya Str.,
Moscow, 121471, Russia
Booth: 3C03